Altar Tiles

Ankh brass 2 3/8

Ankh brass 2 3/8" x4 "

A celebrated mystical symbol, the ankh is the ancient symbol of eternal life. In modern times, the a..


Brass Ankh 3 1/2

Brass Ankh 3 1/2" x 6 1/2"

Made of solid brass, this ankh is an ancient Egyptian symbol of eternal life, and has come to be a s..


Brass Cut-Out Pentagram 3

Brass Cut-Out Pentagram 3"

The timeless symbol of the pentagram has been created here, cut from brass so as to be a fine additi..


Brass Cut-Out Pentagram 4

Brass Cut-Out Pentagram 4"

Representing the four elements united by spirit, or the divine, this brass pentagram is a powerful p..


Cut-Out Pentagram altar tile 5 3/4

Cut-Out Pentagram altar tile 5 3/4"

Ideal for use as a trivet for hot items on your altar or as a symbol of mysticism and magic, this la..


gold plated Pentagram altar tile 5 3/4

gold plated Pentagram altar tile 5 3/4"

Represent your faith, symbolize your sacred space, and or help aid with rituals, ceremonies and magi..


Pentagram altar coin 1 1/4

Pentagram altar coin 1 1/4"

A lovely talisman that can be placed on your altar or within your mojo bag, the Pentagram Altar Coin..


Pentagram altar tile 2 3/4

Pentagram altar tile 2 3/4"

Crafted of white metal to be a silvery presence of light and mysticism upon your alter, this altar t..


Pentagram altar tile 4

Pentagram altar tile 4"

Bring the mysticism and magic of the pentacle into your sacred space with this 4", silver-plated alt..


Pentagram altar tile 4

Pentagram altar tile 4"

This wonderfully carved and stained wooden altar tile will fit in even the smallest of altar spaces ..


Pentagram altar tile 6

Pentagram altar tile 6"

Surrounded by leafy scenes of harvest and abundance, this altar tile embraces the four elements and ..


Pentagram Paten 3

Pentagram Paten 3"

A carved, interwoven pentagram, is 3..


Soapstone Pentagram tile 3

Soapstone Pentagram tile 3"

Representative of the four elements ruled by the divine, this pentagram altar tile has been lovingly..


Soapstone Triple Moon tile 3

Soapstone Triple Moon tile 3"

Carved soapstone, this altar tile depicts the triple moon symbol which for many reflects the three f..


Soapstone Triquetra altar tile 3

Soapstone Triquetra altar tile 3"

A lovely altar tile, carved of soapstone, this triquetra is a wonderful symbol of mind, body and spi..


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